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Sample Application: Zen-Cart Online Store

In order to ensure effective communication of all the requirements for this endeavor, we will take it in steps. You will be able to complete some steps, then return later to complete some more.

Each step indicates whether there are charges associated with it, whether it is required, and resources you can use to help yourself, if you decide to do the step on your own.

Not sure you want to even know all these details? Just call us at 307-298-0706 (or send us email) and we'll take you through the steps in a series of calls.

Here are the steps you will take:

The Store

Phase 1: The Basics

Part 1: Login Credentials

Part 2: Software Choices - choose which packages you would like set up

Part 3: Domain Name

Part 4: Hosting - choose a payment plan

Part 5: Security Certificate

Phase 2: Storefront Look & Feel

Part 1: Logo

Part 2: Template - choose one
Part 3: Your Contact Us Page

Part 4: Your About Us Page

Part 5: Payment Module - choose

Part 6: Inventory - describe

Part 7: Shipping - choose

Part 8: Advertising and Search Engine Optimization

Part 9: Legal - Your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statements

Part 10: Communications - email addresses and newsletters

Phase 3: Maintenance

In the meantime, feel free to add items to your cart, just to see what the costs associated with your choices will be. Think it over. Communicate your thoughts with us either by using the live help link above, the Contact Us page or calling 307-298-0706.

Ready to get started? Let's DO IT, then!

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