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About Lesko Web Engineering

Lesko Web Engineering specializes in implementing open source solutions with business applications integrating indespensable Internet web services for the medical, retail and manufacturing industries. Software selection, work-flow analysis, careful policy and procedure development, training, go-live and support enable organizations to optimally migrate their teams through the changes and make returns on the investments far beyond initial expectations.

The world wide web has graduated from flat, unchanging web pages to full fledged applications that enable businesses to save a significant amount of money and time. These applications are available for free from Open Source communities and can be modified to suit your organization's specific needs. Groups of open source web programmers work together to build applications and contribute improvements to a common workgroup area for free distribution. Visit OpenSource.org for more information about these communities and their software. Visit SourceForge.net for a listing of these projects.

Lesko Web Engineering consultants can enable you to make your online endeavor a reality. Lets explore your options. Take a look at the steps involved in How it Works. Initiate a discussion with us in email, and let's talk about them.

Meet the Lesko Web Engineering Team

Lesko Web Engineering was launched in March of 2008. Beth Lesko, Internet Engineer and owner, brings many talents developed over her years of varied experience as a web programming hobbyist, lifetime student and educator, systems and application support professional and business systems analyst.

Beth's strengths are in teaching and problem solving. She has worked with a full spectrum of clients ranging from developmentally delayed (in life skills) to Harvard trained physicians (in electronic medical records support). Her natural ability to advance her students based on assessment of their initial understanding and knowledge enables them to move forward with confidence. She applied this same talent to analysis of business workflow and, now, to enabling online endeavors.

Lesko Web Engineering is looking to expand services by teaming up with other consultants. In particular, accounting professionals are encouraged to let us know if you are interested in taking on new clients, or training clients on keeping their own books with webERP, QuickBooks or other ERP software. Small business consultants, graphic artists, web designers, marketing consultants and distributors are also needed for our clients. Our goal is to make a network of resources available to merchants to enable their online endeavors.

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